CreoFort ® 10000

CreoFort ® 10000
CreoFort ® 10000

CreoFort ® 10000



Pharmaceutical Group: Gastrointestinal drugs

Therapeutic indications:Treatment of children and adults with pancreatic exocrine insuffiency

Dosage Form(s): Capsule
Pregnancy Category: C








The CreoFort ® 10000 capsule contains a mixture of digestive enzymes such as:

Lipase: 10,000 Ph.Eur.units

protease:600 Ph.Eur.units

Amylase:8,000 Ph.Eur.units

which is prescribed for patients who are not normally able to digest food due to pancreatic insufficiency.

This condition is often, but not only, found together with the following listed diseases:

Cystic fibrosis
Acute or chronic pancreatic
Pancreatic surgery
Partial or total gastrectomy
Pancreatic cancer
Gastrointestinal bypass surgery
Obstruction of the pancreatic ducts or common bile duct
Shwachman-Diamond syndrome


Dosage and direction:
Always take The CreoFort ® 10000 exactly as your doctor has prescribed.
The doctor will adjust the dosage according to severity of the disease, control of steatorrhea and maintenance of good nutritional status.


Drink plenty of water, swallow the capsules whole without crushing or chewing.
When swallowing of capsules is difficult (for instance in small children or elderly patients) you may open the capsules carefully and add the gastro resistant pellets to small amount of soft acidic food mixture such as applesauce and swallow immediately.

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