About Us

About Us

About Behshad Company

Behshad Co was established in 2004 to enter the newly created private sector of the Iranian Pharmaceutical market as a modern and streamlined importing company. Since the dawn of its, Behshad has endeavored to capture and hold a leadership position in the business with strong, sustainable performance based upon continuous cooperation with the very bests in its field. Our long-term accomplishment is founded on meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders: our clients, our business partners, our employees, our shareholders and the community in which we live and work.

Focused on hormonal, respiratory, oncology, supplements, infant formula, and other specialized lines of products, Behshad is swiftly making its progress as a zenith-bound pharmaceutical trading company. For the time being, Behshad is representing some globally well-known pharmaceutical companies. The overall sales records of Behshad which displays the rapid penetration of its through the tough market of pharmaceuticals in Iran, indicates a promising future for Behshad at the summit of Pharma business.

Today Behshad’s CEO is board member of Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Importers, Iran-India and Iran-France Chambers of commerce, and an active company in contract manufacturing business both in Iran and overseas.

Our Business 

Behshad is dedicated to treating and preventing diseases through, market research, importing, distributing, and promoting innovative and established pharmaceutical products. We aim to satisfy physicians as well as patients needs at reasonable costs.

Our company also is proud of our strong alliance with Iran 's leading emergency medical centers. The Red Crescent Society of Iran and IPI (Iranian Pharmaceutical Inc) just a few of our cherished clients.

Behshad actively designs and promotes training seminars to keep our nation's audients up to date on the latest technology and newest products. Aside from our business affairs, we also are able to manufacture pharmaceutical products and have access to various pharmaceutical manufacturing plants of different grades (all certified according to GMP standards).

Structure of Company

Structure of company is quite simple; we have developed a successful structure which meets both the needs of our clients, and the requirements of the Iranian market. Our structure is organized along these four lines.

Business Development
Our business development department is responsible for the initial contact between any future clients. They are constantly looking for products and alternative products which satisfy a market demand. More importantly, they translate the often confusing Iranian market into understandable terms for our foreign partners. Sometimes it is quite difficult to gather reliable data in Iran ; our business development department provides this as a service to our partners.
Our commercial department, as its name implies, is involved in the day to day purchasing, importing, and distributing of our products. More importantly, however, they are responsible for forecasting monthly demands and interpreting domestic conditions. This data is then fed to our business development department, who then processes it and makes it available to our partners.
Marketing is responsible for informing Iranian physiciens, pharmacist and other related persons as to the new products or procedures currently available. We do this through physicians and pharmacists' visits, scheduled meetings with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), seminars, congresses, mailings and email updates. The bulk of our domestic value added is implemented through our marketing department.
Regulatory has evolved from a “grab bag” department to one which communicates Iran 's sometimes interesting requirements to our foreign partners. Our partners are understandably concerned about their proprietary information. Due to the heavy investment of time and money through all four phases of the product's development, companies understandably want a significant return on their investment. Voluntarily handing over sensitive information is not something companies do without a considerable amount of faith that their information will be handled with the due diligence it requires. Our regulatory departments maintain a reputation of expertise, up 


“Endeavour for growth with distinction in the field of pharmaceuticals and healthcare“
Seek Profitability through improving Quality of human life by importing and ethically marketing our Products and Services
Increasing investments in R&D
Competent technical and managerial skills
Our clients are both public and private importers and distributors, physicians, pharmacist, nurses and most importantly: patients.

Our growth and survival, however, would be guaranteed through being the best valued company, so we wish to serve as the most valued company for our stakeholders Relying on creativity and efficiency of our employees, we provide services beyond just medicines in a bid to introduce ourselves to our stakeholders as a good citizen moving toward bolstering the social health fundamentals with a healthy economy.

Scope of Activities

- Trading, Import & Distribution
- Under-License local manufacturing Facilitation
- Strategic Alliance with reputable multi-national companies
- Integrated marketing Services


Privatization plans of Ministry of Health (MOH) and the recent changes in the political, social and economical atmosphere have given more ground and autonomy to the private sector. This enables us to enter and be competitive in areas which, until quite recently, were restricted to governmental trading companies.
Behshad's primary market is the pharmacies and drugstores that have constantly experienced shortages of high quality and branded pharmaceutical products. Behshad also provides other services to hospitals, medical centers and Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants with the same level of professionalism, commitment and superior products and services.